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I'm Zach Shlien, the Founder/CEO of PostureBreak. Office life is hard on your body and mind. I know this from working as a personal trainer with office-dwelling clients and from working in the corporate world myself.

PostureBreak uses low-intensity exercise to boost energy, posture, and focus. Discover office friendly movements and services for your organization to empower your health while at work.

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15-Minute Office Friendly Group Exercise 

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What They're Saying

"Zach is a charismatic prophet of posture, enlightening our small workplace about the hazards of daily desk sitting and increasing everyone’s awareness of their own posture. By simply being informed, we feel like we have the tools to improve. As an active adventure company, we value the PostureBreak exercises for being fun, helpful, and easy to replicate—we are still doing them whenever we feel moments of sluggishness set in."


 -Mia Seidner of DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. Somerville, MA

"It was terrific on many different levels and received well by all in-attendance. I look forward to using the tools and techniques outlined by PostureBreak during my workday."


 -John Bordieri, Group Sales Manager at HB Communications


From Participants of PostureBreak Sessions:

"Zach was professional and calming. It's evident that he cares deeply about providing a meaningful experience for the attendees. I will definitely use all of these exercises at my work station."

"Very easy to follow, and very helpful! Definitely a much-needed afternoon break."

"Great to learn about easy exercises to use throughout the day"

"Easy to apply in life."

"It was fun and the moves are helpful."

"Its simple, necessary, and informative. Its so easy to adopt these small adjustments to your day and have a positive impact on your health."

"The moves can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level! It is a great opportunity for everyone to take a minute to think about their posture and how that effects their daily life."



Who: PostureBreak is a unique health and wellness service designed for the nearly 90% of Americans who sit for long periods of time each work day.

What: With PostureBreak, companies and individulas benefit from personal training and physical therapy-inspired exercises designed to improve posture and wellbeing. Participants often return to work with newfound energy, a relaxed state of mind and greater focus.

Where: Schedule PostureBreak in your office or watch our free video catalog of office friendly movements.

Why: Risks associated with too much sitting are well documented. PostureBreak aims to be part of the solution by offering specific movements targeted at strengthening muscles that get weak, stretching muscles that get tight and offering movement when there is none.