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Introducing PostureBreak

PostureBreak uses targeted movements and exercises to combat the negative effects of sedentary work and other job-related stress.

Each PostureBreak helps users relax, re-energize, and improve focus and performance in just a few moments.


  • Easy-to-follow movements, starting with basic beginner-level exercises to advanced balance movements
  • Eight target areas and dozens of exercises to choose from
  • Exercises can be performed in corporate attire, without breaking a sweat
  • Designed to increase blood flow to the brain; generate a sense of calm; improve focus; alleviate physical tightness, stress, and other symptoms of sitting; and improve posture immediately and progressively
  • Scheduled, customizable PostureBreak notifications encourage healthy habits
  • May result in improved job performance and reduced healthcare costs for individuals and companies



It started in an ordinary office, no different from the offices that millions of Americans travel to each day.

Personal Trainer Zach Shlien had taken an executive sales position—a desk job—and quickly noticed the toll that sedentary lifestyles were taking on himself and seemingly everyone around him. 

Back pain, neck pain, lack of energy and focus, stress, anxiety—you name it.

Meanwhile, lasting change proved to be challenging for many of his personal training clients. He could exercise, motivate and counsel each of them for an hour at a time, with positive effects, only to see them return to their desks for 40, 50 or 60 hours a week—plus commute times.


Sedentary lifestyles were posing a problem, but not an insurmountable one. Zach began advising clients to take frequent micro-breaks throughout the day in order to perform spinal strength and whole-body flexibility exercises--and a strange thing happened. 

His clients grew stronger and healthier. They had more energy during the day and slept better at night. Plus, all these changes were having a ripple effect on their lives, inspiring positive dietary and lifestyle choices.

Meanwhile, Zach began performing the same movements at his own job and, to his surprise, his colleagues started joining in. Pretty soon everyone was getting together for daily “posture breaks.” 

It was going so well that he decided to share his ideas with others. He created PostureBreak, LLC, rolled out the Big Six Natural Body Movements philosophy, and began offering workshops for local businesses.

Today, on-site PostureBreak Presents Workshops are available to businesses and communities throughout New England, while The PostureBreak App is accessible worldwide. 

What is PostureBreak?

PostureBreak is a corporate wellness company located in Boston, MA. PostureBreak offers on-site PostureBreak Presents Workshops in New England and The PostureBreak App.

PostureBreak Presents Workshops engage groups of employees in exercises and movements that can mitigate the negative effects of sitting (or standing) for long periods of time while improving focus and relieving stress.

The PostureBreak App personalizes the PostureBreak experience via mobile devices. It educates users in physical and mental wellness techniques and inspires immediate and long-term improvement.

Who can benefit from PostureBreak and the PostureBreak App?

PostureBreak  is for anyone engaged in mostly sedentary work or other stressful jobs and anyone who wants to improve range of movement and physical and mental function.

What is a PostureBreak?

A PostureBreak features brief exercises and movements (from 20 seconds up to two minutes). PostureBreaks can be performed anywhere, including professional environments, without breaking a sweat or requiring a change of clothes.

Why is The PostureBreak App important?

The PostureBreak App holds every exercise in the PostureBreak library of exercises and allows users to set reminders to take PostureBreaks throughout the day. 

How are PostureBreak movements designed?

PostureBreak movements are derived from various health and wellness traditions, including physical therapy, yoga, strength training, group fitness classes, tai chi practices, corrective exercise techniques, and more. Each exercise is carefully curated for people who don’t move enough in their everyday lives. 

Areas of the body, muscles and muscle groups are easily forgotten during the workday; The PostureBreak App helps users “remember” those areas, so they can be strengthened in order to function more effectively.

Does The PostureBreak App require any equipment?

No. While The PostureBreak App occasionally utilizes a wall or chair for assistance, all movements are easily performed without extra equipment.

"It was terrific on many different levels and received well by all in-attendance. I look forward to using the tools and techniques outlined by PostureBreak during my workday." 

-- John Bordieri, Group Sales Manager at HB Communications

"It’s simple, necessary, and informative. It’s so easy to adopt these small adjustments to your day and have a positive impact on your health."

"Great to learn about easy exercises to use throughout the day."

"The moves can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level! It is a great opportunity for everyone to take a minute to think about their posture and how that affects their daily life."

"Zach is a charismatic prophet of posture, enlightening our small workplace about the hazards of daily desk sitting and increasing everyone’s awareness of their own posture. By simply being informed, we feel like we have the tools to improve. As an active adventure company, we value the PostureBreak exercises for being fun, helpful, and easy to replicate—we are still doing them whenever we feel moments of sluggishness set in." 

-- Mia Seidner of DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. Somerville, MA


PostureBreak, LLC Founder & CEO Zach Shlien is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Movement Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Coach. He previously held positions in executive sales in Boston, Massachusetts and earned a BS from Suffolk University. 

Known as “The Prophet of Posture,” Zach started PostureBreak, LLC as a way to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives—particularly the millions of Americans whose job requires long periods of sitting.

When not encouraging strength and flexibility in his clients, Zach enjoys hiking in the White Mountains, golfing, and spending time with his wife and French Bulldog, Hudson.