I have been a personal trainer since 2009, and I started PostureBreak in 2018.  PostureBreak was thought of when I was working as a sales executive in the corporate world from 2015-2017. During this period I was hyper-aware of my posture while sitting all day. I was continually doing activation exercises to turn on muscles that are dormant while sitting, walking around without shoes on to ensure the muscles in my feet were getting stimulated,  and static stretched whenever I felt my neck get creaky. 

Some of my co-workers were looking at me like I was a little crazy, but they were also intrigued. They asked what I was doing and why I was doing it. Soon, they started joining in too. That's when the lightbulb turned on, and I thought I was destined to bridge personal training tools, tactics and strategies to the corporate world to help office workers stay healthy while on the job.

I am a certified personal trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Precision Nutrition Certified (PN1), Kettlebell Certified through Kettlebell Athletics and Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Certified. Find me on LinkedIn and let's connect!