Anti-Hip Rotation Helicopter

🚸Start out slowly while performing this movement.
🔸Squeeze your rear end to help limit your hips from rotating.
🔸While performing the straight arm variation: gently squeeze your shoulder blades together and allow them to move naturally with momentum.
🔸While doing the bent elbow variation: gently squeeze your shoulder blades together to create optimal stability in your shoulders.
🔹Perform 20-40 rotations 1-3x per day.

Goalpost External Rotations

🔸keep your shoulder blades slightly squeezed together.
🔸make sure your lower back stays neutral or locked in place.
🔸pause for moment at the top and feel your shoulders lock 🔒 in.

Goalpost Active Rotations

🔸assume the goal post position seated or standing

🔸laterally bend your spine to the right (think of your elbow reaching down to touch your hip)

🔸return upright and rotate 10 degrees to the right

🔸laterally bend again and return to the top in the rotated position

🔸repeat 4-6x per side and follow the same instructions for your left side

🔹keep your hips relatively straight ahead

🔹keep your shoulder blades gently squeezed together

🔸do each side twice

Pec Stretch: Low, Medium and High Angles

🔸try each angle and decide which feels best for you

🔸hold each position for 30-60seconds per side

🔸make sure to keep your shoulder blades slightly squeezed back during the stretch

🔸gently lean into the stretch

🚫don’t let those shoulders round forward!

Overhead Elevation/Depressions

🔸start by standing with good posture

🔸next, reach both arms overhead and shrug your shoulders toward your ears

🔸then, keeping your arms overhead, pull your shoulders down as low as you can using muscles in between your shoulder blades 

🔹repeat for 10-20 reps 3x today

Golf Warm-up

Try these 6 pre-round movements to loosen up your body and activate key muscles for your round.


1. Helicopter: Anti-rotation 15 repetitions

🔸restrict your hips from moving as you rotate your upper body.

2. Helicopter: Hip Rotation 15 repetitions

🔸allow your hips to move freely as you rotate your upper body.

3. Overhead Raise 15 repetitions

🔸squeeze your shoulder blades at the top to stop your momentum.

🔸pull your ribs down to prevent your low back from arching during the exercise.

4. Hip Hinge 15 repetitions

🔸push your hips back as your bend down

🔸squeeze your butt at the top to prevent excessive lower back movement

5. Overhead Split Squat 8 reps per side

🔸assume a long split stance

🔸drop straight down into a split squat

🔸keep your shoulder blades squeezed together

🔸pull your ribs down to lock your core in and prevent excessive lower back movement

6. Rotation with Lateral Bend

🔸rotate 10-15 degrees and bend your elbow toward your hip and return to the top

🔸rotate another 10 degrees then laterally bend and return to the top

🔸repeat the 10 degree rotations and lateral bends until you can’t rotate any further 

🔸repeat on the other side

Hamstring Stretch

The straight leg option stretches the low back, hips, hamstring, back of the knee and calf. The bent knee option gets in at the belly of the hamstring. You may not feel so tight with the bent knee option. Is your hamstring really that tight then? Maybe or maybe not. A combination of proper breathing mechanics, soft tissue work and stretching can help with how your muscles function and feel.