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Get Up, Get Unstuck


Introducing The PostureBreak App!

Developed by PostureBreak, Boston’s workplace-wellness experts, The PostureBreak App uses targeted movements and exercises to combat the negative effects of sedentary work and other job-related stress.

Each PostureBreak helps users relax, re-energize, and improve focus and performance in just a few moments.


  • Simple movements performed in workplace attire without breaking a sweat

  • FREE for the first 14 days then $14.99 annually via Google Play, the App Store

  • Available at a discounted rate when businesses purchase the app in bulk for employees

  • With 34 curated programs to choose from, there’s a PostureBreak for every person, mood, time of day and goal, including Morning Focus, Upper Back Restore, The Ultimate PostureBreak, Flexibility for the Office Worker, Neck Mobility and more. 

  • Inspired by physical therapy techniques, yoga, strength training, group fitness classes, tai chi practices, corrective exercise techniques, and other wellness practices

  • Helps reduce stress, prevent and alleviate pain, and maximize creativity and performance

  • FREE PostureBreak Presents Workshop for eligible New England companies who purchase the app in bulk

  • Brought to you by PostureBreak, Boston’s Workplace Wellness Experts, and founder & owner Zach Shlien, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Movement Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Coach


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