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Introducing The PostureBreak App!

Developed by PostureBreak, Boston’s workplace-wellness experts, The PostureBreak App uses targeted movements and exercises to combat the negative effects of sedentary work and other job-related stress.

Each PostureBreak helps users relax, re-energize, and improve focus and performance in just a few moments.


Easy-to-follow movements, starting with basic posture instruction and beginner-level exercises.

Eight target areas and dozens of exercises to choose from.

Exercises can be performed in corporate attire, without breaking a sweat.

Designed to increase blood flow to the brain; generate a sense of calm; improve focus; alleviate physical tightness, stress, and other symptoms of sitting.

Scheduled, customizable PostureBreak notifications encourage healthy habits.

May result in improved job performance and reduced healthcare costs for individuals and companies.

Free for the first 14 days.

Available at a discounted rate when businesses purchase the app in bulk for employees.


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