PostureBreak Presents: A 60-minute corporate workshop⏤part of an exceptional employee perks program

PostureBreak Presents

A 60-Minute Workshop

Expect to have FUN during this 60-minute interactive workshop where we cover:

  • Why extended sitting or standing is harmful.
  • Tools and Strategies alleviate the negative effects of sedentary work.
  • Lean 6 easy steps to achieve neutral posture at your workstation.
  • Perform a 15-minute PostureBreak Session

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We require projector connectivity and conference room space. 



"Zach is a charismatic prophet of posture, enlightening our small workplace about the hazards of daily desk sitting and increasing everyone’s awareness of their own posture. By simply being informed, we feel like we have the tools to improve. As an active adventure company, we value the PostureBreak exercises for being fun, helpful, and easy to replicate—we are still doing them whenever we feel moments of sluggishness set in."

 -Mia Seidner of DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. Somerville, MA

"It was terrific on many different levels and received well by all in-attendance. I look forward to using the tools and techniques outlined by PostureBreak during my workday."

 -John Bordieri, Group Sales Manager at HB Communications

Additional Topics Covered

Alternative Working Positions

Have you thought of using a standing desk at work? What about a treadmill desk? Kneeling? Learn the science behind these alternative work positions and see which is best for you!

How Our Bodies Get "Stuck"

The body is amazing at adapting to its environment. Learn how your body will adapt to yours.

Avoid Work Related Injury

Extended sitting produces back and shoulder injury. Learn tips and strategies to help you stay in the game.

Self Massage at your Desk

We've all had that pain in the neck from long work hours. Learn self-massage tools to reduce pain and keep your muscles functional.

Breathe Properly for Performance

Learn the biomechanically proper way to breathe. You know mindfulness reduces stress and improves performance. We'll go over the proper muscles cues so you do it right!

Boost Work Performance

You'll learn all types of exercise can improve cognitive performance so you can feel your best at the office. 

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What You Get...


We'll provide a custom made e-flyer for your organization to get your team in-the-know and excited for the event.. The flyer will include the date and location of the workshop.

Postcard Handout

All participants of the workshop will receive a handout of the Big 6 Natural Body Principles. These are 6 easy ways to find neutral posture while at your workstation.


All participants receive a PDF of the movements we performed during the Posturebreak Session 

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