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15 Minute Small Group Sessions

A PostureBreak Session is a 15-minute small group session hosted in your location. During the session we'll move through a series of office friendly stretches and exercises designed to get you up and unstuck!

Participants often return to work energized, focused and ready to attack the rest of the day with new found vigor!

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Boost Productivity and Mental Health with a PostureBreak Session

A 2017 study tested movements similar to a PostureBreak session with 130 participants over an 8 week period. The study had participants perform movements for 10 minutes, 3-4 times per week over 8 weeks.  The movements the study used used match similarly with PostureBreak movements regarding style, type and intensity. 

The study found the 10-minute workplace movement sessions to be profoundly beneficial. The participants reported improvements in workplace engagement, energy, physical condition,  and satisfaction from job/daily life.

Another study done by the same researchers reported their 10-minute movement sessions improved workers individual physical activity, personal relationships and mental health. 

Both studies resulted in consistent findings⏤which reported to decrease stress and improve energy while at work.

The studies conclude that implementing 10-minute movements sessions are beneficial for improving energy and productivity while decreasing stress at work. 



"Very easy to follow, and very helpful! Definitely a much-needed afternoon break."

"Great to learn about easy exercises to use throughout the day"

"Easy to apply in life."

"It was fun and the moves are helpful."

"Its simple, necessary, and informative. Its so easy to adopt these small adjustments to your day and have a positive impact on your health."

"The moves can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level! It is a great opportunity for everyone to take a minute to think about their posture and how that effects their daily life."

*Testimonials are from actual PostureBreak sessions and are reported as anonymous. 

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